Accepting The Challenge

Attitude is King!

When you decide on a goal or task, the first thing you will notice is that everything seems to be working against you getting that goal or task accomplished. I think it is some law of thermodynamics… but anyway, this is the first step in any goal you set: identifying and overcoming the things that are trying to stop you from accomplishing your objective.

I used to set goals and then within a few weeks, forget about them completely, because I was too busy putting out the fires that sparked up as soon as I put pen to paper. The deadlines I would assign to my goals would pass and I was still holding the fire extinguisher in one hand and the charred paper upon which I had written my goals on the other.

These fires that rise up are distractions. Sure, some of them are important, but they should never completely take you off your goals. If they do, then those goals were not the right ones. Goals should be things that advance you in your life: health, spiritual, family and financial goals are meant to bring you closer to those you love and make your life more complete. If your goals include being at the Super Bowl on the 50 yard line next year, the goal setting is the problem. The Super Bowl tickets should be a reward for having accomplished something that helped you be able to afford those tickets, not the end itself. A better goal is to organize your business so that you save enough to buy a pair of Super Bowl tickets. Or create enough new business that your income can support a Super Bowl trip without putting your other finances in jeopardy.

The thing with goal setting is that you should make them big enough to make you work harder for them, but not so over the top that the first struggle blows you out of contention for attaining them. Think about the bottom line. If you want to spend more time with your family, don’t make your goal to be on the couch by 3PM… make it to organize your schedule to be with your family when they are most likely to appreciate having you around.

I can’t know what your goals are, so I can’t give you examples that are meaningful to you. But I can tell you that you will run into challenges as soon as you write down your goals. If your goals are set properly, with the proper motivators included, you will find the energy to fight off the distractions and still make your goals. You just have to accept the challenge. The universe accepted the challenge as soon as you wrote the goal down. Now get out there and kick ass!